RIP Benazir

I’m so incredibly bummed about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.  It shocked me, nearly as much as any news story can manage.  I read the story on with my mouth agape.  I guess mostly because it’s such a violent, awful end to what seemed like such a possibility of hope for Pakistan.  I’d been following her return to the political landscape of that country, and it was inspiring.  She brought a sense of hope and optimism to a place that seemed, for a long while, to need it a great deal.

Plus, she was a woman on the political forefront in a pretty major country.  That’s inspiring, regardless.  I mean, if a woman can lead a country like Pakistan, there just might be hope to someday have a US president that isn’t a male WASP.

Heh, two political-ish posts in one day… I promise this probably will not be the norm.

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