Waiting and worrying

While I was home in Buffalo, my brother discovered a lump in Ginger’s mouth, just behind her bottom teeth.  Ginger is our family’s dog, who we got a year before my mom died.  I guess ‘officially’ she is my brother’s dog, but she lives with my dad and he is primarily responsible for her care.

Dad took Ginger to the vet today and so far it’s being called a “mass”.  The vet wouldn’t commit to calling it “not a tumor.”  They did some blood work today and Dad has to take her back tomorrow for a few more tests.

Oh, sigh.  I do hope it turns out to be something minor.  But… Ginger’s ten years old, which is fairly well-on in years for a labrador retriever.  Still, is it awful to want her sweet face around for a couple more years?

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