Stuff that annoys me

I just feel like generally venting and bitching, sorry to subject you to it but I gotta get it out.

Stuff that annoys me:

  1. The person who called my cell phone at 8:30 a.m. and didn’t leave a message.  Then they call at 9:03 and don’t leave a message.  (I just googled the phone number and it was the newspaper I just subscribed to.  WTF?  They are one step closer to getting that subscription canceled and I didn’t get even get a damn newspaper yet.)
  2. How our landlord parks his car.  OK, it’s certainly not annoying enough to complain to him about, but we share a two-car-wide driveway.  He parks WAY TOO CLOSE to our side of the driveway most times.
  3. The price of housing in the greater tri-state area.
  4. Websites that play music as soon as the page opens.
  5. Liver, and my mother in-law’s penchant for putting it into soup.
  6. Our apartment.  It’s too small and I want a house! Now!  Luckily we’re making strides toward that, and may be out of here by March or April.  Even if it means living next door to my in-laws!  Luckily that will also fix #2.  🙂

One response to “Stuff that annoys me

  1. Ut oh the newspaper people are about to be in big trouble!
    I hope you get your house sooner rather than later!

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