Separation Anxiety

Not hers, mine.

We had dinner at the in-laws’ tonight.  All in all a mellow, fun time.  Nearing time to leave, we told Lane (as we nearly always do) that she can come home or stay overnight with Grandma and Grandpa.  This time – a first – she chose to stay there.  I’m sure it had partly to do with Grandma bribing her with playing Candy Land.

And she even made Frank and I completely bust a gut as we said goodbye, because her final wave was one of impatience — pretty much waving us off as she started playing Candy Land with Grandma.  It was REALLY funny.

Despite my slightly heavy heart that she wants to stay there, I can also look at it as a developmentally great thing.  She has a trust in her grandparents, and a trust that I will indeed come to get her tomorrow, as promised.   I’ve heard from a few sources, the goal of parenting is to marginalize yourself, to work yourself out of a job.  I guess that means Frank and I must be doing something right.

It almost seems funny, because I can’t even sit here and say that she’s weaned yet.  She certainly does not nurse with any amount of consistency, but still about once a week she’ll ask to nurse, and she gets to nurse for a count of 10.  Half the time she doesn’t even nurse for the full 10 count, but usually she kisses my boob at the end of it.  🙂

Of course, despite all that, I completely reserve the right to miss her a little (or a lot), even if I’m also feeling freed of putting her to bed for a night.

One response to “Separation Anxiety

  1. Awwww so sweet, and yes it shows what a great mom that you are, by her trusting enough and growing up enough to make that decision. I hope that she and the grands had a great time!

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