RIP Heath

So, Heath Ledger died and this certainly isn’t breaking news for anyone at this point.

I’ve been pretty bummed about it. I have really enjoyed every movie I have seen him in. He really does did troubled and brooding and passionate better than just about anyone. The Patriot? Amazing. Brokeback Mountain? Intense. Monster’s Ball? Oh. My. Goodness. Jawdropping.

But — and this is both embarrassing and liberating to admit — I do think my favorite movie of his was 10 Things I Hate About You. It came out in 1999 and I was 23 then; pretty much past the target demographic that the movie was going after. But it was such a well-done teen angst love story. The script was smart and funny and the cast was awesome. How can you not love a guidance counselor writing a steamy romance novel and asking students for synonyms?? Larry Miller as the dad? Hilarious! All the Shakespeare stuff? Super! And Heath? Gorgeous and charming and practically elegant in all his brooding, intense glory. I couldn’t watch the movie on a leather couch for fear of sliding right off.

It seems trite and silly to jabber on that he would have been an iconic actor, how the world will miss him. He was one artist in a sea of many. But to me, he stood out, and I am sad he is gone.

Now, please, can someone make sure Jake Gyllentaal takes care of himself for the next 40 years? I need my eye candy!


One response to “RIP Heath

  1. I really liked him, too. And I really liked that movie. There was an inherent integrity about him. A great loss…

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