Pop vs. Soda

This has been a contentious issue in my life.

I grew up in Buffalo, where the terminology is solidly “Pop”. Then I went to college in Albany, and my world went into a terminological whirlwind. In Albany, and to all the downstate New Yorkers who made up the vast majority of the student populace at UAlbany, it was “soda”.

I married one of the “soda” drinkers.

However, since I’m the one that spends the most time with the kids, Lane calls it “pop”.

[Insert evil cackle of world domination here.]

I know it won’t be long until she’s in school and goes through the same culture shock, and kids will mock her for saying “pop” and eventually she’ll be saying “soda”. I’m OK with that. But for now, it’s fun to watch her argue with her daddy. Actually, it’s probably more fun watching my grown husband argue with his three year-old daughter.

As a related note, I am tickled beyond belief that this exists. And might I say Virginia is one screwed up state.

3 responses to “Pop vs. Soda

  1. I say pop. What I don’t get is people that call it all Coke.

    “What do you want to drink?”
    “I’ll have a Coke.”
    “What kind?”
    “Diet Pepsi.”

    That makes no sense to me. Coke is BRAND, people!

  2. I am a soda girl myself, but that chart just reminds me that some people get paid way too much money to find out really strange things….

  3. Virginia is weird, sure… but what about Oklahoma?? That’s the state that spawned someone willing to do this sort of research.

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