Circle jerk

Frank’s in the other room with Lane watching the State of the Union address.   I probably should be, as I do think of myself as a responsible citizen and whatnot.  But I hate hearing Bush even speak, he drives me crazy.  And the State of the Union always just feels like a giant circle jerk; everyone spends more time applauding and congratulating each other on being masters of the universe than anything else.

So I’m in here instead, editing and submitting stock photos that have been laying dormant on my hard drive for months, and listening to the intermittent blah blah blah and rounds of applause.  I can get a 10 minute synopsis off when it’s done anyway.

2 responses to “Circle jerk

  1. I find it hard to watch these things, too. My bullshit tolerance level just isn’t high enough for a State of the Union address – no matter who’s making it.

    I’ll bet this post gets you some interesting hits. 😉

  2. Ha we watched Wubzy, which I despise with a passion, but it was better that the SOU.

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