Just to answer some questions…

Seeing what search term results the blog is generating makes me feel sort of compelled to address some of the issues you folks seem to have.

1) Nursing issues – circumcision:  I didn’t have nursing issues with my son.  Even if I had, I couldn’t blame them on circumcision because we didn’t have our son circumcised.  Call it trusting in nature’s intent or something like that.

2) I do not know how much it costs to remove a tumor from a jaw.  I’m very sorry you are in a predicament where such an internet search is necessary.  Peace to you.

3) Yes, polar bears are cute.  And fluffy, and from the Arctic.  I agree.  However, I have no idea what an Irish Polar Bear is, and frankly I’m a little scared to Google it to find out.

4) To everyone whose mom died — I’m very sorry about that as well.  It sucks, I know.  It gets better though, I promise.

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