As if this was needed

Just one more note to add right now…

I have a new addiction, thank you so much to my friend Dave for showing it to me.  Jellyfish Smack Shopping.

Like shopping wasn’t fun enough… now I get to compete with other people in a test of will and patience to see who can get the best deal without losing the deal.  And I get to chat with them.  And play games in between the deals.  And make wagers on the outcome.

I needed this like I needed a whole in the head.


2 responses to “As if this was needed

  1. I knew this would appeal to you.

  2. ROFL – what the hell is a whole in the head? Nice proofreading, Lisa. 🙂

    Dave — that thanks was semi-sarcastic, just FYI. But I am addicted. I kept it on today for the men’s shoes show. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!

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