A Very Big Wait

Frank finished his final assessment, and he’s feeling cautiously confident. He should hear whether he passed or not in anywhere from 72 hours to six weeks. They say it can say six weeks; one of his coworkers heard in 3 days. So…. I’ll share the news when he gets it but we have little idea when that will be.

For now though, I have my husband back. Even if he is wiped out. 🙂


3 responses to “A Very Big Wait

  1. I have a good feeling. Congrats to Frank for completing the assessment, and to you for having a husband back, even if he’s wiped. 😦

  2. May Frank end up with similar results to Willem’s. The celebrations – from gifts to certain other activities – have been delightful.

    And we haven’t talked to his mother about it, so there aren’t even any balloons.

  3. Crossing all of the crossables for Frank!

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