Kind of weird but mostly sweet

I’ve talked about breastfeeding before.

Jake’s still a nursling, and probably will be for the foreseeable future, especially at bedtime. And that’s fine.

Lane, pretty much is not. Which, given she’s closer to four years old than three years old, is also quite fine. These days, she will very occasionally ask to nurse at bedtime. Frequency-wise, we’re talking maybe once every two weeks. Our rule since around the time she turned three is that she can nurse if she asks, but only until I count to ten. And it works; she nurses, I count, she pops off happily. When the rule was implemented, she nursed vigorously for those ten seconds.  Gradually that has evolved into two seconds on, two or three seconds off, three seconds on, and then she’s off at about the eight count and she’s done.  I don’t foresee her nursing much longer.

Coupled with her increasing ability to communicate, our ongoing nursing relationship has become interesting.  After she nurses she usually reports that “Mommy’s milk is yummy” or that she likes nursing.  Once she told me my milk tasted like ice cream.  🙂   Last night was a first though… she asked to nurse, and after she was done and we cuddled in her bed for a minute, she looked at me and said, “Mommy, would you like to nurse from Alena?”

Umm…. well….

I responded something to the effect of, “Oh honey, that’s very nice of you, but only babies and kids can nurse from mommies.  I can’t nurse from you.”  And she was cool with it.  So we cuddled a little longer, and the whole thing just made me smile.  Nursing has become for her more a way to connect with me.  Usually the times she asks to nurse are after a busy day, or if she’s really tired and needs the little bit of extra comfort, or if she’s not feeling well.  I just thought it was so sweet that she wanted to offer that to me, too.

3 responses to “Kind of weird but mostly sweet

  1. That’s very sweet. I often kid around with Jaxon and tell him I’m getting his nummies. He laughs and thinks it’s funny. But, he knows it’s just a game too, and really only mommies have nummies for babies.

  2. Awwwwwww……:heart:

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