One round trip ticket, please

I found something today.

It’s pretty nondescript. It’s one of those white florist pebbles… you know, the kind you can put in a bowl or vase for ornamental purposes. I’d call it a half-inch in diameter. It’s got a shiny faux pearly finish to it, reflective enough that you can see the windows it was near when I took the picture, and the shelves, and my camera. It’s flat on one side so it can’t roll around. You can walk into any craft store and buy these things for something like $1.99 for a bag of about a hundred of them.

I know my in-laws have them in their house. They have a bowl of them in their back bedroom – the bedroom that used to be Frank’s, but now holds some assorted gadgety exercise equipment (an Ab Wheel and an ab thing by Body By Jake and a Nordic Track). My in-laws are ab-obsessed, apparently. It’s also the room that holds assorted toys for the kids to play with when they visit.

We visit once or twice a week, and my in-laws very graciously will babysit whenever I need them to. The need arose on Thursday, when I had a two hour dentist appointment. Oh yeah, two hours. You can imagine my thrill. Nothing too major, just filling one small cavity and replacing a bunch of other fillings that had gotten worn down. Not the most relaxing way to spend a couple hours, but since dentist appointments these days present an opportunity to sit in a chair with full expectation that no child will climb on me or beg me for anything or whine or cry or ask to nurse, it’s an experience I enjoy just a little more than I did before kids. Pretty sad that I require dental work to get peace and quiet, but it is what it is, and I’m really not complaining, even if really I am complaining a little.

So, I found the pebble this morning, after the kids were at my in-laws on Thursday. I guess the good news is that I found it. The bad news is that I had to clean Jake’s poop off of it to figure out what the heck it was.


6 responses to “One round trip ticket, please

  1. Yikes!

    I’m glad it exited gracefully.

  2. Hey, I found a penny in Eli’s diaper this week!


  3. At least they don’t collect magnets or Vicodin.

    Still… sheesh.

  4. So, a follow-up.

    MIL stopped by earlier, to drop off magazines to put in our recycling. This is a whole post in itself.

    Anyway, I wasn’t worked up over the rock or anything, I thought it was funny more than anything else. So I said I had something for her… and gave her the pebble. And explained where I found it, and she said they were in the room when he shoveled a handful in his mouth… they fished about four out, and MIL said to FIL, “Do you think he could have swallowed any?” and FIL replied in his casual, non-worrying sort of way, “No, no way!” (The man says “No way” a lot, it’s sort of his trademark.)

    Well, way.

  5. Oh my! I am glad that it came out ok!

  6. Eeks!!

    I wonder if you’re going to discover any more in his poop? I hope not!!

    :bitchslap: for th ILs!!

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