Wee Wii. Whee!

Just hooked up the Wii.  Well, I hooked it up like two hours ago.  Just stopped playing it.  As everyone else figured out like two years ago, it’s fun!  Me likey.

What other games should I get?

4 responses to “Wee Wii. Whee!

  1. Wow, Wiis are really hard to come by these days. Happy belated birthday!

    I have a Wii too. Wii Play is a good game, especially for two players. Cooking Mama is also popular, and you might get a kick out of it.

    The new Mario and Sonic Olympics game looks good too. I would suggest Mario Galaxy, but it might be too difficult if you’re not used to playing too many video games.

  2. Yeah, Frank found that out as he was trying to locate one, while he was coming down with the flu. At least I know he loves me. 🙂 He found it at Toys R Us.

    We just got the basic setup so for now I only have one controller. I’m guessing I’ll probably want at least one more.

    A couple other people recommended Mario Galaxy. And Big Brain Academy – any word on that one?

    We may not be gamers of the recent variety, but Frank and I could play Evander Holyfield’s Knockout and Sonic the Hedghog on our Sega with the best of them! Sega! (And before we had kids, we still whipped out that old Sega 16-bit console from time to time… even though we could only get half the games to play in black & white).

  3. I’ve heard Dancing With the Stars is hilarious!

  4. Wii Play comes with an extra Wiimote basically for the price of a Wiimote alone; that’s how I got my second controller.

    Big Brain Academy is a good game too, from what I’ve heard. You can check out http://www.ign.com for video game reviews. I usually check reviews before buying new games, to make sure I’m not spending $50 on something wonky.

    I never got into the Sega Genesis (I was a Nintendo fan all the way), though Altered Beast was one of my favorite games. If you guys are good at the original Sonic game, then you have the skills to beat any of the more recent games! They made video games a lot harder back then.

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