Day off!

I stopped by the in-laws’ yesterday to drop off a couple CDs they wanted us to test in our computer to see if they worked in our computer or if theirs is just wonky (and theirs is just wonky) and our bottle of Scotchgard so the FIL can Scotchgard the new fabric he just upholstered onto their kitchen chairs.  (Not because they asked for it, but because I’m sick of them freaking out at the idea Lane might get a grain of rice or something on their new chairs.)

I left, ten minutes later, with a bottle of barbeque sauce (don’t ask) and the plan that after they did the stuff they do in the morning, they would come over tomorrow (which is now today), I would install car seats in their car, and they would take the kids off my hands for the day.  Um, yay!  Granted, I love my children.  But they’ve been gone 45 minutes and my apartment is quiet, and cleaner.  I was thinking of going for a run walk/jog but it’s cold and windy here.  Not that I mind cold and windy.  Hell, I grew up in Buffalo.  But I have sensitive eyes, and cold and windy means that within a minute of being out there my tears ducts would be in overdrive, my face would be wet, and my nose would be running faster than my feet.  So I think instead I’ll do my kickboxing video (it’s the Kathy Smith one and I love it, way better than Tae Bo) and take a long, uninterrupted shower.

Then… what to do?  What to do?

I really need to do stuff to get ready for this weekend.  My dad and his girlfriend Linny are coming and staying with us this weekend, which means I need more food and to plan stuff so we’re not just sitting around staring at each other all weekend.  And, they are coming this weekend because it is JAKE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY (written in caps because it’s still quite a shock to my system) and we’re partying at the in-laws’ on Sunday.  They are supplying dinner for about ten people, and I agreed to supply cake.  So I need to work out the cake details… I’m thinking of going carrot with cream cheese topping, but I haven’t committed to making it myself or just ordering one from Costco.  Though, now that I’ve thought about it for seven seconds, I think I’ll make it myself, if for no other reason I can control the ingredients and ensure a nut-free cake that Jake can eat, and maybe make it a little more Weight Watchers-friendly so I can have more than three bites.  I also have to wrap our presents for Jake.

So it looks like my plans are:

  • Work out
  • Shower
  • Plan a cake
  • Grocery shop

You know what?  I bet I can fit a mani/pedi in there.  Oh my feet and hands will thank me.  So I’ll do that after I grocery shop, I think.

Yay!  Day off!!


6 responses to “Day off!

  1. the logon box for another board shows up when your page loads here and in google reader. you might want to fix that.

  2. Oh, thank God, I thought I was going insane yesterday when that happened to me – “username? password? huh?” Always happy to share the insanity. Though I have no idea how one would fix that.

    Anyway – yay for a day off! And YUM on carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

  3. i think it’s from an emoticon she used here that is hosted there

  4. Weird… there aren’t any emoticons in this post. I’m befuddled.

  5. Ahh, figured it out. Accidentally copied and pasted another emoticon in the previous post, not this one.

  6. yeah it was from yesterday. still showed up when the main page loaded though.

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