Mission accomplished, mostly

Well out of the four bullets in my previous post, I got all four done.  Whoo hoo!

I did the Kathy Smith kickboxing workout.  (that link goes to the new version on DVD, that combines the VHS kickboxing I have with another workout, two workouts in one!!)  It’s such a good barometer for if I’m in shape.  When I was running walking/jogging regularly, I could do that video no problem.  Oh, I worked up a sweat and my heartrate got up, but I didn’t get completely out of breath and barely get my last kicks of a series off the ground.  Like happened today.

Took a long shower, took time to appreciate that our apartment came with a handheld shower head.  Picked out a cake and icing recipe and did the grocery shopping to get the few things I needed.  Forgot my wallet in the car and had to run to get it while I was getting checked out.  Fun times!

I didn’t wrap Jake’s presents — I forgot to put that on my four-point bullet list in the last post and thus it did not make it onto my mental bullet list.  Ooops.

3 responses to “Mission accomplished, mostly

  1. Sounds like you got lots of great stuff accomplished!

    You could have squeezed in an hour lying in the sun getting a tan, but I think it’s too cold there, huh?

  2. And I was nice and didn’t mention anything you did with that hand-held showerhead.

  3. That’s very true. I’m going to edit that. Thanks!

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