And I deem today Photo Day

Traditionally, a first birthday would mean a trip to the local photo studio for some pictures.

Well, I have backdrops and studio lights and a camera, oh my, so tomorrow in our house is going to be Photo Day.  Time to capture some portraits for the sake of humanity, or nostalgia, or something.  Oh, dear.

Not that I don’t love taking pictures of my kids.  I do!  But we’re at a stage that is in a word, challenging in that respect.  Jake’s all mobile and walking everywhere now (barely a crawl in sight these days, sigh) and Lane is… well, Lane.  She’s contrary just for the sake of it, you tell her to smile and she hides her face, you tell her not to smile and she beams.  You try to get her to get next to her brother for a picture and she puts him in a headlock — granted, her intentions are noble, but it’s a headlock nonetheless, and he hates it, as most folks are apt to dislike such restraint.

I’m going to make an effort during the day, while Frank’s at work (assuming he goes in, given our current WINTER STORM WARNING in effect for like, all of tomorrow).  Generally I’m patient about the photo-taking process when there’s an assistant around, like Frank or a grandparent.  If Frank won’t be around I’ll be winging it on my own, and that makes it much more challenging, which I find tests my patience more than normal.

We’ll be at home, though, so I can take it slowly, and be patient to get the good shots.  We can take breaks, have snacks.   Just keep your fingers crossed for us!

5 responses to “And I deem today Photo Day

  1. Happy birthday, Jake! Smile big, dude.

    And Lane… oohhhmmmm… just for a few seconds, mmmkay?

  2. Use tape and money. And get good at this because you will be our family photographer. The shot of the beast is framed and in the family room, everbody loves it except for Wally as he didn’t realize he had gone so gray.

  3. Best of luck! I’m sure you will get some awesome shots! Maybe not of them together, but at least separately.

  4. Happy Birthday little Jake! I can’t believe that its been a year!

    I know what ever pictures you get will be wonderful! I will keep my fingers crossed that both of the kids will be chilled and let you get too many to choose from. 😉

  5. I think some of the best shots, the ones most cherished, are of the imperfect, unposed variety. You’ll get some great shots – I’m sure of it.

    I can’t believe he’s a year old already. Well, almost. 🙂

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