Oh, Roger.

So.  Roger Clemens is under investigation of possibly lying to Congress in his testimony two weeks ago.

I could say I’m surprised, but frankly I’m not.  After all, he tried to claim he was nice.  NICE!  Roger Clemens!!  And he thought anyone would BELIEVE HIM?!  Plus there’s the whole other matter of steroid use and whether he lied about it.

My impression of Roger Clemens through this whole thing has been that he seems to think if he protests often enough, and loudly enough, and fervently enough, people will believe him.  The problem is, the GEICO Caveman is more credible than Roger Clemens (and dare I say, smarter too).  Then there’s the other small things that fly in the face of logic — he looks juiced up, and he acts juiced up.  Oh and that Andy Pettitte, who may be the most credible person in this whole mess, and Roger’s friend, contradicts him.

Sorry Roger.  I have a hard time believing that your wife is juicing up but you aren’t.  Man up and admit it.  Or did your balls shrink too much?

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