So, your husband wants to breastfeed? Breastfeeding Narrative #4

Honestly, I have no experience with this.  But judging from the search results of people who come across my blog, it seems to be fairly commonplace.  Apparently husbands are making this request a lot.  Or, people are looking for pictures of this, which is slightly odd.  Or there are a few prolific perverts hitting my blog continually.  In any event, you’re not the first person to think of it.

I would say if you’re comfortable with it, there’s no reason not to give it a try.  But I don’t want to hear about it.


12 responses to “So, your husband wants to breastfeed? Breastfeeding Narrative #4

  1. My husband doesn’t want to breastfeed. But he is all sorts of on-board with me doing it again.

    (And lest this sound perverted, it’s not in the least sexual. Just that he kids of loves that I love it, plus he really loves not dealing with bottles.)

  2. You know, I didn’t even mean the husband providing the boobage…. I think I’m getting hits of people looking for grown men nursing from a woman’s breasts. And people wondering if they should do that.

    Funny how my post could totally read either way. And still be 100% accurate.

  3. Tell me about it. I get the kinky web surfers in my Trackback section all the time. Some of the stuff they search for…lordy.

  4. I get hits for this ALL THE TIME. even in arabic. “breastfeeding husband” and breastfeeding hubsand photos” are two of the more common one that come up on my search terms.

  5. Dude. Its crazy what people sit around and surf the net for.

    I am in nursing school and wrote about my wretched OB rotation in which I got really sick of vaginas and you would not believe how many people come to my blog looking for “ugly vaginas” .

    Perverted weirdos all across the universe searching for weird crap.

    you need the Sitemeter…go to my blog and click on the link in my blogroll. Then you can see internationally all the perverts.


  6. i think breastfeeding to husband is very good way becasue through breast wife make more love to her husband and feed to her husband time to time and get more love mostly husband wants to drink his wife’s milk so it is ok and tastful for husband.i also want to drink my wife’s milk when i will get marry and after a child i will drink my wife’s milk b/c i want to check wife’s milk test .

  7. TO let the people know that are looking for info about breastfeeding their husbands, yes it is possible to start lactation from breast without being pregnant. It does take a lot of dedication to get it started. If you have never breastfed be prepared to be instore for the pain and tenderness in the breast.

  8. same to Zafar comments

  9. Breastfeeding your husband is the worst idea ever it would be like being married to a man baby.

  10. There are many adult nursing relationship groups out there. It is quite popular and from what I understand a great bonding experience for couples. It is also very labor intensive as one has to nurse on a very regimented schedule in order to stay in milk. More complicated than I would care to deal with.

  11. I would like my boyfriend to suck my nipples every now and then during sex. It makes me more horny and wet. I love it when he sucks my each nipple and play them with his tongue… But i wonder how i can lactate without getting pregnant. I am frustrated to give my healthy breastmilk to my man, since it brings out essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body… 🙂 i guess he will be doing again later tonight. I can’t help but feel aroused by just the thought of it…

  12. I think your partner breastfeeding is great! When I breastfed my son
    It relaxed me and made my stomach pains go away oddly enough buthe wasn’t eatingas much as I was producing. Im a very private person but my fiance was very curious as to I being a first mon in handling all that. My breasts got full and he offered to help, strange at first but I loved it. I coukd feed my baby and spend time with my fiance and just relax..

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