The physics of feet

How is it possible that shoes that seemed comfortable and awesome yesterday when I bought them were tight and weird and chaffing today?  I hate that.  And it’s not that bought-the-shoes-in-the-morning thing; I tried these bad boys on at 5:30 p.m.

So disappointing.

Luckily I only wore them for about 2 minutes before I realized they weren’t going to work out, so exchanging them for the pair I knew I should have bought instead shouldn’t be a problem.  Too bad that other pair is $30 more.

Shoes are a continuing source of angst in my life.  You see, I am a woman with size 11 feet.  If you’re a guy I’m sure that means nothing to you, so let me just say my feet are honkin’ big and my shoe size is not all that common.  I feel fortunate, at least, that they did not get any bigger with having kids – if anything they got a bit smaller.  (Yes, pregnancy can make your feet bigger.  Maybe you need a bigger base to support the bigger boobs you can end up with.)  Regardless, finding stylish, attractive, comfortable shoes is not an easy proposition when most shoe manufacturers seem to be in denial that women’s feet could be anything bigger than a 9.  Yes, yes, most shoes go up to a size 10, but even those are pretty scarce if you want to find them.  But 11 is even more scarce.

Sometimes I get lucky.  I found a website trying to clear out inventory of my running shoes, and the only sizes they had left were 6’s and 11’s, so I just got in the mail a second pair of running shoes for half of what I paid for my first pair.  That made me happy.

But mostly, shoe shopping is often an exercise in frustration.  I like to shop at DSW Shoe Warehouse – not necessarily because they carry a ton of shoes that come in a size 11, but because all their shoes are out on the sales floor and you look for the sizes yourself.  There’s nothing more annoying than being in a ‘normal’ shoe store or shoe department in a department store and picking out five shoes you like, only to have the salesperson come back snickering, 20 minutes after going back to look for your shoes, “I’m sorry, ma’am, we don’t have any of these styles in your size.”  In other words, get out of here, Sasquatch, before I call out a hunting party.  (I will say Norstrom’s is a delightful exception to that.  They regularly carry size 11’s in their shoes.)

Anyway, at least I know when I go back tomorrow, there is an alternate pair to be had, and hopefully they will not disappoint.

One response to “The physics of feet

  1. I feel your pain. I was a solid size-9 in high school, up to about a 10 in college. And post-kids, I can usually make 10s work, but 11s are necessary for work shoes and sneakers that I’ll spend any amount of time in.

    Keens are good, for fit and styles, but $$$$$$.

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