Just one more thing…

We’re having yet another plumbing issue.  Oh joy.

Luckily this one isn’t nearly as bad as the last two.

The sink in the bathroom – just the sink – has barely any water pressure.  All other fixtures in the apartment seem to be working just fine.  But the sink, which was performing as expected and without issue this morning, now will only produce a trickle of water, with either the hot and/or cold water turned on.  Now this is an old sink – like circa 1950s.  Could the plumbing for the faucet have busted?  (Oh I would love to have an excuse to get the landlord to foot the bill for a new sink in there, this thing is old.  And pink.  And old.  Did I mention old?)

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

One response to “Just one more thing…

  1. Sounds like debris is lodged in the faucet.

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