Missing: Part 2

So.  At the indirect behest of some friends – not because they told me I should but because I’ve heard them for like, ever, talk about how awesome the A&E Pride & Prejudice miniseries is, I decided to rent it from Netflix.

It came up in the queue, and finally I got both of the discs in the mail.  Well, given we are not the most organized of families, and I don’t have the most airtight brain most days… disc 2 has gone missing.

No fear in me, I watched disc 1 tonight, anyway.  And it’s been good so far!  Disc 1 ends right where Eliza tells off Mr. Darcy after he proposes to her.  My logic going into the whole bright idea of watching disc 1 when disc 2 was MIA was that, well, I didn’t plan to watch disc 2 for a couple days, and certainly with a little gumption I could find disc 2.

Well, I got sucked into disc 1.  I want to watch disc 2 NOW.

However, after over an hour of looking, and putting Frank to work to search with me, we have come up empty-handed.  I know it arrived.  And I have a fleeting memory in my brain of setting it somewhere.  One of those, a-ha! moments, as in “A-ha!  I’ll put this here and I’m sure to remember where it is when I need it later.”  Except now I don’t remember where that brilliant of all places happens to be.

But then I’m thinking maybe that a-ha moment was with disc 1 (which I found right where I knew it would be) and maybe disc 2 got put someplace in a moment of mayhem – the type of mayhem that only two small children can create – and it might not be found for weeks.  Or months.  Or ever.

So, I sit here, feeling impotent at the failings of my own memory, and our general lack of organization.  And really, really just feeling sad and incomplete because I really want to watch the second disc.


2 responses to “Missing: Part 2

  1. Told you. And the second disc has Darcy all wet and dripping. Yum. I can’t even lend you my copy, since it is already lent out to someone else.

  2. I am so sorry that you’re viewing of the 2nd disc is interrupted in such a way. A travesty. Seriously. You know what you’re missing now…

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