Guns aren’t dangerous without ammunition

Came across this article, which seems like a pretty reasonable indictment of someone being politically and vengefully behind the outing of Eliot Spitzer as call-girl connoisseur.

I really don’t have all that much to say about it.  Spitzer was zealous – some people thought overzealous – in the pursuit of white collar criminals.  Frankly I found it a bit refreshing, since white collar criminals often get ignored altogether, or just get small slaps on the wrist for seriously egregious crimes.  I am often bewildered that if you rob someone of $10 with a gun you can end up in prison for life, but you rob them of $10,000 with shady business practices and you end up with community service.  Maybe Spitzer was a little overzealous against today’s standards, but at the same time maybe he was as zealous against these crimes as prosecutors should have been all along.

However, as it is, the armed robber rarely has the power and connections to out one’s sexual dalliances that have been uncovered as part of a federal prostitution sting.  As it turns out, the folks he made a career out of targeting (and continued to target) have those connections, and that power.

They may have had the guns, but Eliot gave them the ammunition.

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