Breaking out the crazy

We were supposed to see a house this morning at 9:30.  The owner is apparently particular about when people can see this house, so will only let people book morning appointments.  No sweat, Frank could go too.  (I’ve been previewing some houses just on my own to cull the lot of ones that Frank might go back to see, too.)

We get there, and our realtor – my MIL’s best friend and a lovely woman and someone who is perpetually early for everything – isn’t there yet.  This is odd, so I immediately check my cell phone for messages.  I discover the phone was set to silent (oops) and there are four messages.

Message 1 (8:30 a.m.):  Our realtor.  The people have canceled the appointment, and she doesn’t want us to go out unnecessarily with the kids.  OK.

After hearing this message, I tell Frank the appointment was canceled and he gets back into his car and heads off to work.  I get back into my car, where the kids are still in their car seats, and continue to go through the messages.

Message 2 (9:09 a.m.):  Realtor again, trying to reach us.  She also tried emailing me.  If I get this message, please call her.

Message 3 (9:14):  My mother in-law.  The realtor has called HER because she can’t reach us.  Um, why, I wonder?  MIL wonders why I’m not answering the phone and please call them and the realtor.

Message 4 (9:27):  My father in-law.  Why aren’t you answering your phone, Lisa?  The appointment is canceled!


I start driving away, and notice a familiar Lexus in my rear-view mirror, honking and flashing its lights at me.  The in-laws have driven to where the appointment was (I’d told them the evening before the street the house was on that we were supposed to see today).  They have come to notify us that the appointment was canceled.  Oh, and scold me for being unreachable by cell phone for a whole hour.

Oh, my goodness.  OH MY GOODNESS!  Can I say it enough!?!  OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!!

I’m not sure if the inclination to make a mountain out of a mole hill is particular to my in-laws, or if it’s a Czech thing in general (my in-laws are Czech, they came to the U.S. in the late 60s).  Why on earth is it necessary to turn this minor non-event into a crisis?  If they weren’t so normal and nice and reasonable most of the time, I might think they were lunatics.

4 responses to “Breaking out the crazy

  1. So, still thinking about the house next door?

  2. My mother-in-law has no idea what an answering machine/voice mail is for, I think. She’ll call and leave message after message, “Call me.” “CALL ME.” “CALL ME RIGHT NOW I THINK YOU’RE ALL DEAD.” All within a short period of time, with no concept of the idea that maybe we’re just eating dinner or left the phone at home to be able to go grocery shopping alone or whatever. If she lived closer (God forbid) we’d get visits if we didn’t respond within half an hour of a given call, I’m sure.

    Thankfully, in the past year or so she’s pretty much stopped calling. I’m grateful.

  3. My mother in law seems perpetually surprised when I answer my own cell phone.

    (incredulously)Lisa? Oh, hi!!”

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