I think he’s going to like Aruba

This post originally contained a funny story about Jake and his love of the toilet and dog water dish.

Then WordPress did some server maintenance shit in the middle of my writing, and made me all sorts of promises that my work was being saved. They are lying liars who lie! They saved my title and my tags, but not the 450 words in between. Irksome!

Anyway… short version:

Jake likes water and tries to douse himself with toilet and dog bowl water at any and all opportunity. He also likes putting his right foot (not his left, just his right) in the dog’s water and finds it hilarious.

I thus concluded he will enjoy Aruba where wetness will not only be permitted, it will be encouraged.

Tomorrow, we leave. We return next week Wednesday. Bailey’s going to a farm.

(No, really. Our fish, however, who at least timed his untimely demise this morning with Lane’s absence, is REALLY “going to a farm”.)

There will be some posts in that time, prescheduled and not live accounts of our vacation (but I’m not ruling those out…. just not making any promises).

Later, peeps!


2 responses to “I think he’s going to like Aruba

  1. Travel safely and have a fabulous time!

    My sunburn is all healed and my tailbone only hurts a little bit. I think I’m ready to go back to the tropics.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

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