Second Shift

I picked up a little income-producing work this week. In a former life, I worked for a Fortune 100-ish company, as a data specialist in Human Resources. I didn’t do all that touchy-feely HR stuff, (but I had the training and certifications to prove that I could). My role in the last couple years of my employment was around being a data and analysis guru – I knew what data we had, where to find it, what could be done with it, how to do those things, and how to make it all pretty so someone who didn’t know all the aforementioned stuff could make heads or tails of it. In a nutshell.

As it goes, the work was a bit cyclical. Depending on the data, there’d be new data daily, or monthly, or quarterly, and that often meant I and my coworkers had work to do. The last year or so had brought about a TON of work that needed to be done quarterly. And, it seems, they got desperate. My old manager called me and asked if I’d like to freelance from home, putting together reports that no one really had the time to do for a specific group that was willing to pay me more per hour than I made as a salaried employee. It would be about a week’s worth of work once every quarter.

Kind of a hard gig to pass up, you know?

So I’ve been up to that all week. It’s been interesting – not because the work is all that challenging – but fitting it in between bedtimes and fevers and Frank’s car overheating and without the in-laws around to watch the kids at all (they are still in Aruba).


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