Rockin’ Saturday

We got home a bit ago from attending a random carny that rolled into town this week.

We ate fried dough and meat-on-a-stick and Lane got to ride three of the more lightweight rides on hand.  She really also wanted to ride the little train, but when we first arrived someone was actively using a grinder on a stretch of the track, so that one got vetoed.

We also spent a few moments marveling at our killer Saturday night plans.

Oh, and those of you willing to travel, this particular carny is hiring!  The sign on the ticket booth didn’t specify, but despite evidence to the contrary, I think tattoos are not a required aspect of employment.

2 responses to “Rockin’ Saturday

  1. I’m guessing teeth aren’t required either.

    Not that I would know.

  2. My aunt actually works for a carnival like that – at 40, she quite literally ran away and joined the circus.

    We’re so proud.

    I’d like to pretend that true upstate NY redneck isn’t quite so close to my bloodline, but there you have it. This is the same woman who posted nude photos of herself online… and shared the website with family as well as friends. Fab-u-lous.

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