The kids and I were outside with Bailey yesterday.  She’s an energetic dog, and thus occasionally in the out-of-doors (and luckily, very rarely in the in-of-doors, since she is not a small dog) likes to go on a mad tear.  This basically involves running in a circle or back-and-forth as fast as her legs will carry her for about 20 seconds.  Then she’s good.

Yesterday, she got just a little too exuberant, and hurt one of her back legs.  I’m waiting it out right now, because even though she wouldn’t bear weight on it right after it happened which was a little scary, she was much more willing and seemingly able to bear weight after a minute or two.  She’s still favoring it a bit but seems to be OK.

In dog years, she’s now about 42.  Since I’m on the cusp of middle age, I can sympathize with her.  It’s hard to give up those youthful days when you could do whatever you wanted to your body and have it give you barely any negative feedback.  Oh Bailey, those days are gone for both of us, I think.  Now is the time of warming up and stretching, of pacing ourselves, of going to bed a little earlier, of rethinking that third glass of wine.  (OK, maybe Bailey isn’t drinking much wine these days.)  It’s sort of funny, once you know better, your body isn’t up to the challenge anymore.


3 responses to “Gimpy

  1. Yes, but now Bailey and her friends can start trading stories about what the best way is to add fiber to their diet, the best treatments for hip dysplasia and whether or not to color their whitening muzzle hair.

    It ain’t all bad.

  2. Poor Bailey! I hope her leg is all better by morning! She and Tigger can share war stories about running in circles and injuring themselves, he seems to do it on a weekly basis, and then remembers that he is getting old. LOL

  3. Bailey is catching up to Wally, I see. Although I have a feeling it will be several more years before Bailey falls down the stairs.

    Shame on you for saying we are approaching middle age. I plan on staying 31 forever.

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