A bad day

Today, overall, was a good day.  I was productive, I had some fun with the kids, and nobody got sick or died that I love.

There were bad parts to it.  Lane fell on the playground and bumped her head pretty good.  Jake refused to take a nap this afternoon.  A bug flew into my eye…. and I saw it coming.

Basically, a run-of-the-mill day as far as days go.

Then, there’s my friend Greg.  Not impressed with simplicity as far as having a good day or a bad day, he always tries to take it one step further.  You see, Greg does security stuff for the State Department.  He currently covers eastern Europe, but used to cover sub-Saharan Africa.  One of the countries he’s visited, Equatorial Guinea, is currently trying a guy for attempting a coup.  As people often do when they are being tried in a dictatorship for trying to overthrow said dictatorship, the guy on trial is attempting to deflect blame and name names, and in the last day or so of the trial, my dear friend Greg was falsely (he assures us) implicated in this coup attempt by a witness in the trial.  For all practical purposes Greg assures us this won’t get him sent to Gitmo or anything, or have any effect on him really, except that he won’t ever want to set foot in Equatorial Guinea ever ever again, lest the dictator bear a grudge.

Sort of makes my bug in the eye seem pretty tame.  Even though I never actually observed it leave my eye and it may be swimming around in my brain or something.

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