Andrea Bocelli, you’re not welcome here

Sesame Street is a staple in our house.  We TiVo it and it is one of few shows the kids get to watch on a regular basis.

A couple different episodes have been showing up regularly on the DVR schedule.  One has Mr. Noodle (actually, Mr. Noodle’s brother, Mr. Noodle) lip-syncing to an opera.  Another has Andrea Bocelli singing Elmo an operatic lullaby.  Lane HATES both of these segments.  I’m not using the word ‘hate’ lightly.  She hides like she’s scared of the singing.  She says she isn’t scared of it, but that she doesn’t like it.  She won’t let me turn it off, but she still leaves the room or quietly hides behind me until each segment is over.

Lane has a history of being averse to singing…. especially MY singing.  It is only recently that she’s actually asked me to sing.  When she was two years old, she would yell at me when I sang.  “STOP SINGING MOMMY!  NO!!!”  If I didn’t stop it reduced her to tears.  Perhaps I am a bit cruel, but it was pretty funny.  So nowadays, she actually does let me sing, and asks me to sing sometimes too.  So that she is showing this aversion to opera isn’t exactly a surprise.

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