I’ve solved the waffle iron dilemma

You may have recalled, our waffle iron died.

The intention was that we were going to replace it with the same make/model, but lusted after a souped-up Kitchenaid model that makes two waffles at once and is shiny brushed nickel. Honestly, Frank was much more into the idea of the Kitchenaid than I was. The man does like getting top-of-the-line stuff when it’s practical.

After some internet perusal, I found a great deal on the Kitchenaid waffle iron. And Frank’s birthday is next week. Guess what he’s getting! 🙂

One response to “I’ve solved the waffle iron dilemma

  1. “Awww, here you go, honey, a waffle iron and a blow job! Don’t get the two mixed up!”

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