Don’t mess with Nana Mare!

My grandma got into a fistfight with someone! Can you believe it?!? If you think she looks bad, you should see the other guy (or so she claims).


Really, she tripped and fell in my dad’s driveway.  Jake made a mad dash for the street, and she was closest to him, lunged to try to grab him and lost her balance.  The result:  her forehead and the apron of the driveway had an intimate introduction.  She came away with a very mild concussion, and even though the cut under that bandage was loathe to stop bleeding, she didn’t end up needing any stitches.

She’s got such a good sense of humor about it, which is reassuring since I feel bad — it was my son, after all, who was the conduit for the accident.

One response to “Don’t mess with Nana Mare!

  1. OUCH!!!!!!

    I dropped a bowling ball on my Grandma’s knee and she never let my MOTHER live it down.

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