Delays, delays

We’re in the process of buying a house.

We were aiming to close around July 15th.  Then we decided we weren’t really settled on our mortgage.  Our initial lender started to leave a bad taste in our mouth over a few things, and then we found a much better deal, anyway.  So they did a rush job to get us through the underwriting and we got our final approval (meaning we were all ready to schedule the closing, on our end) on the 15th.

The house is currently owned by a divorced couple.  So, on their side are two sets of signatures, and two sets of lawyers, and a lot of animosity and very little talking between the ex-husband and ex-wife.  Once we had our mortgage stuff all straightened out and stuff,  though, it turns out there was some paperwork on the sellers’ end that the wife hadn’t signed yet, and no one would commit to getting it done by tomorrow, the earliest we could close.

So next week then.  Right?  Wrong.  The husband’s lawyer, who is the main lawyer handling the transaction for the sellers, is going on vacation all week next week.

Then our realtor will be on vacation until Monday the 28th, slightly interfering with our ability to do a final walk-through and potentially mitigating any issues that might arise from the walk-through.

That means the earliest we can now close is Tuesday the 29th, assuming both our lawyer and their lawyer are available.

Yes, a bit of this is our fault because we switched lenders at the last minute — but it looks like they still weren’t ready for us even if we’d gotten the mortgage stuff sorted out earlier.

I can’t really say I’m annoyed… though I am.  I’m more exasperated, and wearing thin on patience.  I just really want to be out of this apartment and into our own house, and I want to get started on making the new house our own.  We know the couple we’re buying the house from, so Frank is going to call the husband and see about maybe getting in there before the closing to start doing some of the painting we want to do.  Maybe we at least can get a head start.

2 responses to “Delays, delays

  1. Ug frustrating! I hope they let you get in to paint.

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