Chicken, corn and rice

Lane’s fourth birthday was today.  I told her she could have whatever she wanted for dinner and she asked for chicken, corn, and rice.  The chicken and rice parts were supplied by our favorite Chinese restaurant, and the corn was supplied by Green Giant.  If she’d told me her dinner wishes before 7:00 p.m. and a day of swimming and spending Grandpa’s money in Toys R Us then maybe we could have managed homemade.

Birthdays always make me introspective, and my kids’ birthdays are no different.

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on the last four years with Lane, and how they have completely upended my life.  Don’t read that as a complaint – it’s not!  She’s completely awesome.  Oh sure, she has times – and they are frequent – where I feel like my head could explode because she can be so…. sensitive, contrary, irritable, overbearing…. sometimes all at once.  But as much as she can make you wish you could run away from home sometimes, she is just as equally intense in her joie de vivre, her enthusiasm, her simple happiness.  She is overwhelming, she is exhausting, and she is incredible.  She is perfect.  I love her like crazy.

One response to “Chicken, corn and rice

  1. Yeah, I have one whose dial goes up to 11, too. I think I’ll keep her.

    Happy birthday, Lane! May 4 be every bit as much fun as you deserve!

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