Not a great start

Within the first five minutes of being awake, I got clocked in the back of the head with a sippy cup, and smacked in the nose by a board book.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to realize I have a pretty bad headache now.

Yesterday brought some good news — our closing has finally been scheduled!  We’ll be officially homeowners again next Wednesday.  Yay!  And only two weeks later than originally planned.  Now, planning for what work we want to get done before we move in, and all the actual packing.  The good news about that is that we don’t have a ton of stuff here that needs to be packed in boxes.

Yesterday also brought rain.  Lots and lots and lots of rain.  We definitely needed the rain, it had been very hot and dry for about a week straight.  But I ended up out in two different downpours, and that wasn’t much fun.  Frank and I were supposed to have golf lessons yesterday but they were canceled.  The kids were already at my in-laws’, so I decided to go run at the gym instead.  Bailey is generally a pretty level-headed dog, but thunderstorms just make her a little nervous and she acts a bit odd.  Well, as I was trying to leave the house, Bailey decides she NEEDS to go with me and she sneaks out the door and darts down to the driveway.  In a complete downpour.  I’m sure we were a funny sight, out in the drenching rain, while I was trying to get her leash on her to drag her back into the house.  Even though I was soaked, I decided I wasn’t going to use it as an excuse to get out of exercising so I still went and did some time on the treadmill.

My second downpour foray was later, when Frank came home with the kids from his parents.  They left his parents when no rain was falling, and three minutes later when they got home it was raining buckets.  I went out with an umbrella to help get everyone in the house relatively dry.  Mission mostly successful, except I got pretty wet from the knees down.

So, today finds me pretty stiff from running and getting cold and wet, and now a headache to top it off.  But thinking about actually moving into our house almost makes up for it all.


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