Not a nurturer

I don’t nurture.

Plants, that is.

I know some people will do all the right things for outdoor plants… mix in compost, adjust the acidity of their soil, fertilize, etc. I guess I take a tough love approach. I buy the plant, put it in the ground, and I figure that if it lives despite my lack of attentiveness, then I have a loyal plant forever. And if it dies, well, I just don’t take it personally.

I thus took the same approach when I planted some daylilies and ornamental grass and some tulip & daffodil bulbs around our new mailbox. The dirt was rocky and dry and I didn’t do a damn thing to it. I could have — my father in-law next door has a pile of topsoil and a pile of compost and he surely would have not minded if I’d helped myself to some. But I didn’t. (Well, I did water it all after I was done, that counts for something, right?)  The daylilies should do OK, and I can’t imagine ornamental grass is all that ornery. And I’ve never had bad luck with daffodil & tulip bulbs.

I think that’s part of the key. I love the idea of rosebushes but I know I would slaughter them. I like to pick stuff to plant that will have a tendency to live, not because of what I do to it, but in spite of what I do or don’t do.

4 responses to “Not a nurturer

  1. Yeah, I’m not much for all that fussy fertilizing and deadheading and such myself. Other than your solid choice on daylilies and bulbs, Rudbeckia (black-eyed susan) and Shasta daisies (from seed no less; I just dumped the whole packet out and covered em up) have both thrived under my benign neglect. Putting in bulbs is so satisfying – delayed gratification at its finest!

  2. I’m the same way, which is why my property is covered with daylilies and hostas. I don’t think I could kill them if I tried.

  3. I’ve also had some good luck with coneflowers and butterfly bushes. Well, I tried to transplant a butterfly bush and killed it, but others under my care did not perish. Anything that I can keep alive and attracts butterflies is OK by me!

    Manda, I will definitely be getting me some hosta. Our property is like mega shady. Hopefully less shady once we have a few more trees removed… but still pretty shady.

  4. Hubby tends to do the gardening here too. The MIL brought some plants from HER garden and we’ll have to see what happens next year.

    Our backyard is on the south side of the house so it gets full sun. We do have a rosebush that came with the house. Otherwise, i’m sure I would have killed it myself.

    Hostas are a great choice. They are the philodendrum of the outside plants. LOL!!

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