History in the making, whether you like it or not

I have to give props to John McCain. He just picked Alaska governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Yeah, she’s a chick.

As far as Republicans go, I have to say John McCain doesn’t give me the dry heaves. Sure, he graduated 894th out of 899 from his class at Annapolis (and probably only got in because daddy and granddaddy were admirals). Sure, he cheated on his disabled first wife when he came home from being a POW and she’d been in a car accident and she wasn’t the stunning beauty he’d left behind to go to war. And that whole “you’re rich if you make over $5 million a year” claim was a bit nauseating. Still, I can give him props too. That whole POW thing. That he still supports his ex-wife financially (and voluntarily so) that she may get the best treatment. He may be a bit crazy but I think deep down he’s got a good heart and he loves this country. If he won, I wouldn’t get the sense of impending doom that I got when W won both times. I wouldn’t be happy, and I certainly don’t want him to win, but I do think he’s a notch or two above a George W. Bush/Cheney administration.

And you just gotta love this VP pick. I’m not naive enough to think that he did it to ensure a history-making winning ticket no matter who wins, though that is very cool. I can see this for what it obviously is — direct pandering to the hoards of undecided Hillary Clinton supporters who are thinking about not voting for Barack Obama because they are “disenfranchised with the primary process” (aka they are sore losers). The McCain camp obviously things these hoards want to get behind a woman — ANY woman — and were thus more than happy to offer one up for them. I find this kind of insulting, because it assumes (and perhaps rightly so for at least some of the Hillary supporters) that the only reason they liked Hillary is because she has a vagina. I hope at least some of her now disenfranchised supporters liked her for more than that, had more reason than than to offer her their support. But maybe not.

Anyway, despite the motivation for the choice, it does make me happy to see an election where we’re going to end up with an historic result. I’m so, so glad for it. It renews my hope.


5 responses to “History in the making, whether you like it or not

  1. are you sure your not on crack?

  2. Pretty sure. At least I use correct grammar.

  3. If he was trying to attract disenfrancised Clinton voters, he went about it the wrong way. Palin is ultra-conservative and ultra-religious and is sure to scare those undecided women away.

  4. Seems I’m right here on the same page with you. It’s heartening to think that either way, some barriers will fall. McCain may have chosen her largely for electoral reasons – but be that as it may, the face of the White House will be impacted as well. Not that he’s getting there on my vote, of course. It’s going to be an interesting few months… and an even more interesting 4 years.

    (Huh. What about your well-written and entirely reasoned post would suggest that your [sic] on crack anyway??)

  5. “If he was trying to attract disenfrancised Clinton voters, he went about it the wrong way. Palin is ultra-conservative and ultra-religious and is sure to scare those undecided women away.”
    I believe McCain picked her to excite the Religious Conservatives. It was not just because she is a woman, as the media wants us to believe.
    What I see happening is an excitement in the true conservative, Christian base. Myself and others of like mine were not on board with McCain until now. He made an excellent choice. I would like her as president……….possible as in your other post.

    Grace and Peace

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