Bad taste has its rewards

I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time in a few weeks this week.  I am always completely enthralled by their candy/snack section, because it’s all so cool and good and somewhat unusual.  I often buy at least one thing, usually intending that I will hide it and be the only one that eats it, but then a child or husband finds it and I rarely claim anything to be MINE in the pantry or refrigerator, so I share, and I am generally happy to do so, and the snack is gone in a day or so.  A household favorite that they sell are chocolate-and-candy-coated sunflower seeds.  Yum.

But this trip, a container of black licorice caught my eye.  A four dollar pound of licorice, all the way from Australia.  I figured, if they’re bringing it all the way from Australia, it has to be good, right?  Luckily my logic was not flawed in the least.  This licorice is decadent.  Soft and creamy and chewy and perfectly flavored.  (For anyone wondering, it is “Australia’s Darrell Lea Traditional Licorice”.)

And the lovely bonus is that nobody else in the house likes black licorice.  Frank abhors it.  Lane has sportingly tried it a couple times, but both times hasn’t gotten past an initial nibble before relinquishing her piece back to me.  So now, four days post-Trader Joe’s trip, I still have at least a third of a pound of licorice.

2 responses to “Bad taste has its rewards

  1. I get raisinets all for me, and oatmeal cranberry cookies.

  2. I too love black licorce! Good & Plenty’s can be found in my purse or car at any given moment. I absolutely feel I have created my LOVE for the flavor because NO ONE else in house will touch it. Its my one truly selfish indulgence.

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