German engineering for dorks

I am more than just a little giddy that Volkswagen has started making a minivan.  I had a VW Cabrio in grad school/until I had a kid and it was by far the awesomest car I’ve owned.  Now, I’ll concede… before that I drove used Fords, and after that I now drive a Honda Odyssey.  So it’s not like I’ve got tons of comparison cars in my arsenal.  But that was a great car.  Mechanically it barely gave me a problem in the six years I owned it.  It handled beautifully.  It was comfortable, even for a tiny little convertible.  It was a stick shift, and it was definitely the smoothest manual transmission I’ve driven (out of the four or five I have any in-depth experience with). And there were the little things… like the windshield washer reservoir held exactly one gallon of windshield washer fluid, so you didn’t have 1/5 full bottles of washer fluid laying around.

Anyway, the Odyssey is only five years old and I expect to drive it for a few more years.  (Though, it’s the older model, and our neighbors have the newer model, which has a lot of little features I really wish mine had, like a split rear folding seat, a sunroof, and middle windows that roll down… I’m tempted to see how much it would cost to trade my 2003 model for a 2005 model.)  But, when I really and truly am in need of a new minivan (and I LOVE driving a minivan… though I could conceivably switch back to a convertible, I LOVED driving my convertible) I’m really psyched there will be a VW option.  🙂

4 responses to “German engineering for dorks

  1. Not so sure there is all that much german engineering in the Routan. From what I can tell it is all Chrysler where it counts, engine, platform and drivetrain. Maybe it will evolve and a diesel version will be available, it would be nice.

  2. Dave, Dave, don’t rain on our little german parade, dude. I’m stickin’ my fingers in my ears and humming Edelweiss, okay?

    I’m still driving my 1996 Jetta and lovin it so, though we have a Honda CRV for the family truckstering as necessary. I’ve said many times that I want desperately for VW to be the ones to roll out the hybrid minivan. Mainly because I have a major infatuation with the guy who’s been my mechanic for the last 18 years. And he only works on German cars. Infatuation, not of the cheatin’ kind but because he tells it straight, charges me fairly, and treats me like an intelligent human being. Plus he went to bat for me with the insurance company to the tune of a coupla grand a few years back. Love that man.

  3. Well, if Chrysler does have a hand in it, it’s not necessarily ALL bad. After all, that company DOES know their minivans.

    On the positive side of swearing to drive my current minivan into the ground, I won’t be in the market for a new one for at least a few years, so this puppy will be fully vetted by the time I need to consider my options.

  4. Brooke Shields has been doing the commercials for the vans. IMO they’re kind of funny.

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