Negative first reaction

Have you heard of it?  It’s where a person automatically knee-jerks a “no” answer.

Lane is a classic example of this.  We’re in the process of painting our dining room, through the requisite spackling and taping and tarping and whatnot.  My job has mostly been to help in my free moments, keep the kids out of the way, and to not throw things at my mother in-law when she starts telling me I’m taping & tarping a sliding glass door before I’ve even started doing it.  (Luckily I didn’t have to throw anything, since my father in-law yelled at her to shut up and just let me do it.  Ha ha!)

Anyway, in an attempt to keep the wee ones occupied so I could do something to help, I tried plugging them into the boob tube.  Lane wanted to watch a movie, and I had just gotten in the mail a DVD of Disney Princess Sing-Along songs, which I knew she would LOVE.  Only when I tried to get her to watch it, she started screaming “NO” and crying hysterically because it was new and unknown.  Mean mommy I am, I made her watch the horrifying DVD anyway, and she claimed through the whole thing not to like it.

Now that I’m somewhat incapacitated from the effort it took to regurgitate my body’s weight in bologna this morning (sorry, I said I’d keep that to myself, didn’t I?), and Jake’s equally suffering from this latest affliction, I figured a movie or two this afternoon would be a reasonable way to keep the household subdued so he and I could veg.  (Actually first I tried to pawn her off on the neighbors but they had a soccer game to attend.)  And what movie did Lane pick?  The abhorrent princess sing-along movie.

Frigging pip.


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