Odd celebrity crushes

Come on, I’m sure we all have them.

Oh, I have my normal crushes… the people in the limelight that cause a bit of a stirring in our nether regions.  I’ve got a few that I’m sure are fairly normal.  Paul Rudd, Brad Pitt (esp. in Fight Club.  Rowr.), Brett Favre, David Wright, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon.  (Yeah… the Oceans movies are good for me.  Hee hee.)  Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both.  Yum.  John Krasinski.  Yay new Office episodes.  Christopher Meloni from L&O:SVU.  Oh my.

Then there’s the weird one.

Gosh, I feel weird admitting this.

B.D. Wong.

And there it is.

OK, so maybe you don’t think that’s all THAT weird.  But it gets better.  There’s a really weird reason.

Because he was the voice of Shang in Mulan.  He was a cartoon.  And he was HOT.  And now I’m apparently really into his Law & Order character as a result.  I’m weird.

So come on.  You have to make me feel less weird.  What are your odd celebrity crushes?

3 responses to “Odd celebrity crushes

  1. Lisa, I don’t think B.D. Wong is a weird crush. He is hot. Your mother on the other hand thought Willie Nelson was hot. Yes Willie Nelson. Where did that come from? That’s just bizarre!!!!!!

  2. I’ve always had a thing for Sean Astin. Something about the asthmatic with an inhaler he played in Goonies, no doubt. (Actually, I think it dates from Toy Soldiers.)

    Of course, I also love love love Jon Stewart and Colin Firth, but those are pretty self explanatory.

  3. Yeah, my mom was definitely a little loony with Willie Nelson. I will say in her defense that she seemed to lust after anyone who could sing a good tune. I know she also had a thing for Julio Iglesias, and I think Kenny Rogers too. And Paul McCartney, and at least a couple others I’m not thinking of. I don’t remember her expressing any sort of crush type thing on anyone but a singer. I can identify with that, funny and/or athletic does that to me. (B.D. Wong was athletic as a cartoon. 😀 ) A couple I didn’t add but thought about was Steve Carell and Justin Timberlake. I didn’t give two craps about Timberlake until I saw him host the ESPYs, when he was just hilarious.

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