And the stars aligned…

… at the mall, anyway!

I did some shopping today, with the goal of purchasing these things:

1) A tie-out chain for Bailey.  We have one but it’s too short, and until our yard is fenced in, well, she does OK staying in close range but she’s getting braver, and we only live about 4 houses away from a pretty busy street.

2) A curtain rod and curtains for the sliding glass door in our dining room, which is now painted Tomato Bisque.  It looks like a pumpkin.  But considering my big holiday to host here is Thanksgiving it will work beautifully.

3) Some sort of warmish shirt in bright yellow for Lane.  She is going to be Belle for Halloween.  Having suffered the anguish as a child, growing up in Buffalo more Halloweens than not of having to wear my winter coat over my Halloween costume, it is one of my goals as a cool-ish sort of mom to help my kids avoid having to cover their Halloween costumes with winter coats as much as is reasonably possible.  When I could pick their costumes I would pick warm ones, with head coverings.  Which is why this year Jake is Cookie Monster, complete with hood with googly eyes on top.  Lane’s dress is decidedly NOT cool-weather friendly.

4) Tights for Lane, as she is a girl enamored with wearing dresses and skirts.

Usually when I head out of the house with a list like this, I find like two of the four things, nothing close to one of the things despite going to seventeen different potential stores, and then so many choices for another thing that I get overwhelmed and my brain shuts down.

I am pleased as punch to report I was able to successfully, satisfactorily check off every item on my list!

The tie-out was at Home Depot, which I knew because that’s where I bought the first one.  I grabbed the last one on the shelf.  :whew:

The curtain rod and curtains I bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  The rod is OK, it’s not exactly what I had in mind but it didn’t break the bank and it matches the chandelier in the dining room well enough.  The curtains are sort of a shiny sort of material, with subtle embroidered flowers, they are dark brown and simply lovely.  I can’t wait to get them up.  I, with more forethought than usual, took a painted sample of the paint with me for comparison purposes, so I’m fairly confident the whole ensemble is going to look pretty nice in the room, and the curtains contrast a lot so they’re pretty certain to pop without being loud.  I’m pleased.

The tights I got at Old Navy, the first store we went looking for them.  I like to buy thick tights, like cotton tights, rather than the thinner microfiber tights, and Old Navy was a fairly safe bet for those.  I got three pairs that I am very happy with.

Old Navy also came through with a shirt for under the Belle dress.  I found there in the girls’ section a selection of microfiber hoodies in a vast array of colors, one being nearly the same yellow of the Belle dress.  The hoodie may be just a little more bright but it will do!  It’s big enough that I can smack a couple extra layers down underneath it, and thin enough that even with a couple layers it will fit under the dress, which has some room to spare on Lane’s lanky frame.  Actually, Lane has a pretty thin Thinsulate winter coat that I think would fit under the hoodie, and then under the dress too.  If needed we can bundle her up quite a bit without committing the awful child fashion faux pas that is a coat-over-a-Halloween-costume, and yet still maintaining the full color theme.  And, as a bonus, a yellow hood to keep her ears warm if she starts getting cold!  I could not have been more giddy to find a suitable option.

Thus, I am sitting here typing this feeling oddly content with life.  Not from the shopping and spending money (because not counting the window treatments I didn’t spend very much… and even on the window treatments I stayed like $40 under my spending limit in my head) but just because I actually set out to get a couple things done today and got them all done.  Yay.

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