Tunguska in my backyard

OK, so maybe a comet didn’t hit my backyard.  More, it was a guy named Chris with a penchant for climbing trees with a chainsaw.

The arboreal carnage abounds.

But on the plus side, our front and back yards, once super-shady and overgrown and with more moss than grass for a lawn, now has light coming through!  As an added bonus, of the dozen trees (or maybe even more) that were felled, 8 or 9 of them were in varying stages of rotting.  Had they not come down now by Chris’s hand, they would have certainly come down sooner or later on their own.  And since all the trees were within striking distance of our house, that would not have been a good thing.

Frank and my father in-law helped the whole weekend, as Chris quoted us a price per day based on the amount of work that needed to be done vs. a price per tree.   Not only did this save us money, but because these dear men in my life labored hard all weekend, we got a LOT done for the money we spent.  The weekend was filled with the sounds of progress — chain saws, large pieces of tree slamming hard to the ground, hard enough to rumble the house a bit, and the steady groan of a huge chipper that many of the men in the neighborhood came over at various times to “help” but really they wanted to “play”.

Chris only started his own business a short time ago, so he doesn’t have the equipment to take away the large logs or rip out the stumps, so that’s work we’ll have to do.  We’re scouting around among family friends to see who has chain saws and if anyone has a log splitter.  I’m going to take pictures of some of the trees and advertise them on Craigslist to see if anyone wants to take them, whole, off our hands.  If you’re in the Rockland county area of New York state… want a part of a tree?


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