Election Day shenanigans

I went and voted, and took the kids with me.  Jake sat in a stroller just outside the voting booth but Lane came in with me and helped me push the buttons.  She’s enthusiastic and impressionable and it’s my job as her mom to make voting seem way super awesome.

And then, as we were nearly ready to pull the handle and submit our votes, the little weird old guy who was supervising our booth actually stuck his head INTO OUR BOOTH, THROUGH THE CURTAIN and said “Everything OK in here?”

“Yes, we’re fine, get out NOW,” I replied, or something to that effect.  When we left the booth a few seconds later a line of like three people had built up (we’d been able to go straight in).  Apparently this rush made him panic a bit, and he hadn’t yet heard about the blocks-long lines in many voting areas.

I was annoyed.  But the outrage didn’t really hit until I got into the car.  He basically violated the sanctity of my secret ballot.  Had I not had Jake in tow, who was desperate for a nap, I would have gone back and given him a real piece of my mind.  I’m still strongly leaning toward visiting the Board of Elections tomorrow and logging a complaint.  Should I?

5 responses to “Election Day shenanigans

  1. Sure, in the spirit of better training for poll workers next time. Why not?

    I understand your frustration, but I think even those living in the Australian bush know what your vote was. 🙂

  2. I would log a complaint. I’m sure the guy wasn’t thinking when he stuck his head in, but he should be trained better, as the first comment stated.

    I, too, brought my daughter into the voting booth. I’m not sure how much of an impression it made on her 8 week old brain, but someday she can say she helped make history.

  3. Yes, I’m often open with my opinions. Yes, I happily tell nearly anyone I know who I voted for, if they ask. Because yes, despite my willingness to eagerly spout my opinion here, it’s not like I spend my time politically proselytizing to strangers on the street. The problem for me arises because I hold dear the entire electoral process and I felt intruded upon and that my privacy was violated. Should it matter how much I share my opinion otherwise?

    And who else did he do this to? Did his actions intimidate anyone into changing a vote, or submitting their ballots before recording all their votes, or scare someone else who witnessed such behavior from not voting at all? It’s the principle of the thing, plus the fact that he (upon review of NY state’s election law just now) BROKE the LAW by violating my privacy while voting.

  4. This is more evidence for me that the polls need to manned by anyone other than the geriatric volunteers that we currently depend on. I say when you pass the bar you automatically become an election volunteer, a judge at every polling place just to supervise. It is one day a year for cripes sake.

  5. yeah i know i am a week late.

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