What kind of dog should the Obamas get?

Barack Obama famously promised a puppy to his daughters for when they move into the White House. For a kid, perhaps there is no greater thrill than getting a puppy! I am, admittedly, envious of them. 🙂

What kind of dog should they get?

First off, I rule out a small dog. Barack and Michelle are both people of tall stature, and I think a small dog would look more like a rodent next to them. Not only that, but the toy breeds just aren’t very presidential.

There are lots of sporting breeds, hounds and such, but to me these don’t fit with the Obamas. So beagles and bloodhounds and that sort are out.

I also don’t see them taking on an exotic breed, such as a Chow or Shar-Pei.

They are an active family, so a more active breed of dog would certainly be a good fit. Labradors and Golden Retrievers have a high activity level, but they can be pretty wacky when they are younger. I’d hate to think of the destruction an exuberant Lab could rain down upon the China Room.

So maybe one of the gentle giants… a Newfoundland, or St. Bernard, or a Bernese Mountain Dog, or a Great Dane. Hmm. I think I’m really digging them with a Great Dane. And these breeds are all so great with kids.

Of course, there are rescue opportunities, so maybe they’ll go in that direction. A quick look at the Petfinder web site for the Chicago area found these potential rescue pups for them:




And sorry, but how funny would it be if they adopted a puppy named McCain or Palin? LOL!



4 responses to “What kind of dog should the Obamas get?

  1. I think a rescued dog would be the right way to go, even if it were a rescued pure breed. But then, I think everyone should get a rescued dog.

  2. Did you see that yesterday he said that they would have to balance their two criteria: having a hypoallergenic dog (Malia is allergic) and getting a shelter dog. He said he hoped they would be able to do both.

  3. Perhaps he will get a mutt as he suggested, and why not?
    I have had both pure breds and mutts and have loved them all the same!
    Come by my blog and say hi and see some great pictures of my mixed girl, Maggie!

  4. I’m a fan of mutts as well. I’ve had both rescued mixed breeds and pure breeds, and they were all amazing. (Said as my rescued greyhound nuzzles my face.) It would be great for Obama to get a mutt (or any dog from a shelter) to help raise awareness of the problem of unwanted animals.

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