And so it begins.

Lane’s been bugging me to get her a Barbie.

In an ideal world, she’d have no idea what a Barbie was at this point.  But, she spends a fair amount of time at our neighbor’s house, where her best friend Eli lives, and he has an older sister, Jenny, who has oodles of dolls.  She’s 12, which would normally be well past doll age, but she’s autistic and had outgrown the dolls but now is really into them again for reasons her mom cannot quite figure out.

We went to Target yesterday, as I was diagnosed with a raging urinary tract infection and I like to get my prescriptions filled there because their prescription packaging is way super cool.  (Their bottles for oral suspension liquids are really neat, too.)  We puttered around waiting for the prescriptions and Lane asked, yet again, for a Barbie doll.  I finally acquiesced under a bit of duress and feeling like my bladder got sucker-punched and she got her first Barbie.

I remember hearing about this when it happened, but Barbie’s got a bit of a different body than she did when I was little.  She’s gone from a DD to a C cup, in my estimations.  Her waist isn’t quite so teeny-tiny.  And dare I say, she’s downright bootylicious now.  Her hips may be a little narrower when looking from the front, but Barbie’s got back!

I could wax philosophical about whether I felt Barbie was a detriment to a girl’s body image or self-esteem, but I won’t.  Mostly because I don’t buy that line very much.  I loved my Barbies when I was little, played with them a heck of a lot, and was ecstatic when I got a hand-me-down Ken from my babysitter because then I could act out all manner of crazy soap opera-esque plots with them.  I fondly remember having Western Barbie, who came with a tasseled white jumpsuit and had a button on her back that when you pushed it, she winked.  I’m not quite sure what was so ‘western’ about winking, but I still thought it was cool.

So Lane brought home her first Barbie, and the doll has already been loved a great deal and slept with last night.  Jake’s also taken a keen interest in Barbie: he keeps stealing her when Lane’s not looking and dancing with her.  It’s really quite cute.

3 responses to “And so it begins.

  1. Barbie is popular in this house. I recommend scouting garage sales next year… we have gotten tons for very little $$. Also excellent accessories.

  2. You make me a little sad that I never owned a Barbie. It was all Star Wars action figures for me!

  3. Hmmmm…. Western=maverick, maverick=winking… did it all start with Barbie??

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