Hope is a very good thing

What a beautiful day.

I’ve been a little excited about the inauguration today, but it just hadn’t seemed real.

When  I woke up today, it seemed more real… though I did check the news to make sure nothing had happened overnight to get in the way of the historic events to come.

Lane had dance class this morning.  There are no windows into the dance studio, but they have a closed-circuit TV so that all the moms can watch the dance lesson.  Today, we asked if we could watch CNN instead, even though all they showed the whole time was people getting into cars to drive to the Capitol.  The other moms and I talked about the historical significance of the day, and our fears for Obama’s safety.

I had set up the DVR to record the inauguration, so I wasn’t in a rush to get home to watch.  So, the kids and I went to Costco for various sundry things.  We bought, and then ate lunch, and then went to get gas.  At that point, Obama’s speech had started, and while I pumped gas I left the window of the car open so I could listen.  The station attendant heard and wandered over to my car to listen.  He was older and black, and I took my sweet time to give him another minute to listen, since he seemed very interested.  Once I finally could dawdle no longer, he moved away from my car and just said, “It’s amazing.  I have such hope.”  I smiled and said, “Me, too.”

Obama wrapped up his speech, and the crowd erupted, as expected.  The announcer on NPR came on, and said something to the effect of, “That was Barack Obama, our 44th president of the United States of America” and I lost it.  Just about three minutes of full-on water works and trying to stay on the road.  It became so real, and I was just overcome with joy.

Then Elizabeth Alexander took the lectern to read what I’m sure was a very lovely poem, but I couldn’t get past her delivery, like a third grader who can’t find the correct cadence reading a poem in front of her classroom.

And, Reverend Joseph Lowery.  Could he possibly have stolen the show more?  He was awesome.

And I do…  I have hope.  It’s not because Bush 43 is finally back on his way to Texas for good, and because the Democrats are in power.  Sure, that ain’t all bad.  But it is because, as Obama mentioned in his speech, that 60 years ago a black man could not even be served a meal at a restaurant in D.C., and today, one has become the leader of all of us.  It’s possible, it has happened.  It’s happened.  Anything is possible.  The future is ours.


2 responses to “Hope is a very good thing

  1. Dave, Irene, and I all watched it in real time. I am so grateful that my daughter will grow up thinking an intellectual and a minority in the White House are normal things.

  2. Just saw this entry, and…yeah. What you said. Being the newshound I am, I canceled all appointments for the day and just stayed home drinking it all in. I think I watched CNN for like 10 hours straight. Then went to work and read news stories about it for another 5. 🙂

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