It took butt cream to drive me to post

Jake, the poor dear, has been cursed with sensitive skin on his butt.  Day to day, he’s generally unaffected.  But he has no inclination to let me know when he’s pooped in his diaper, and given his awesome ability to play independently for good lengths of time, sometimes it takes awhile to discover he’s been wallowing in his own mess.  And anytime it happens — boom, diaper rash.

The arsenal I have found works best is lotrimin cream when the rash gets really bad, and A&D ointment for when it’s not, and as a barrier.   Sometimes I add a little Lansinoh pure lanolin cream when things get especially raw-looking.  I don’t love A&D.  It works well enough, but I wish it worked better to help the rash.  And I’m not particularly fond of the smell.  Pure lanolin also isn’t really ideal – it’s thick and hard to spread, even if it works well.  And I just don’t love the idea of resorting to lotrimin for every rash… but it works.  All together, I can clear up his diaper rash in less than a day, so the arsenal is trusty and useful.  I’ve tried new stuff and always end up disappointed.

It was thus unfortunate when we made our last visit to Buffalo and I’d forgotten my trusty arsenal.  Wouldn’t you know it, Jake ended up with a nasty rash the first day there.  Off then, to Target.

Perusing the diaper cream section, I noticed a couple creams I hadn’t tried.  First was a new product by Lansinoh, and I do love every Lansinoh product I try.  It had some zinc oxide, and lanolin, and other moisturizers in it, and just seemed promising.  The second one I picked up was Burt’s Bees, lured as I was by all the natural ingredients.  And I got some lotrimin as a backup.

Well, I’m in love.  Yes, with butt creams.

The Lansinoh cream just works great.  It has a great consistency to it, thick but not too thick so it spreads easily. And creamy, but not so creamy that you can’t get it off.  The texture is sort of a blend between the really creamy, thick creams like Balmex, and the clear ointments like A&D.  But it’s as greasy as A&D can be.  The smell is notable in that it really doesn’t have much of an odor at all, and the odor it has is tolerable.  It really seems to work too.  Not quite as quickly as the trusty arsenal, but quickly enough.

And the Burt’s Bees…. oh it’s just lovely.  It’s more on the creamy end vs. the ointment end of the spectrum, but without being too thick.  And like the Lansinoh rash cream, it’s works quite nicely.  But the bonus here is the smell.  This stuff smells amazing.  I find myself occasionally putting it on Jake’s tush at bedtime just because it smells so nice!

And the best thing is, I haven’t used the lotrimin since buying these two.

If you’re in the market for a new diaper cream, you might want to check one of them out.

2 responses to “It took butt cream to drive me to post

  1. I’ve heard good things about “Butt Paste” but we never used it.

  2. I love, love, love all things Burt’s Bees for Irene because they all smell so damn nice. I haven’t tried their butt cream, but Irene has yet to have a diaper rash issue, so I haven’t had to use any of those.

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