The vicious cycle of nonposting

It’s funny, once you get out of the habit of posting on a daily or near-daily basis.  It feels like you have to come up with something really worthwhile to post with again, and then nothing worthwhile comes up (or so it feels) and you continue with not-posting.  And then two or three weeks go by and you can hear the crickets chirping in your blog stats.

And on top of that, I haven’t talked much about the goings-on, so to start talking about the goings-on requires a large catching-up, and that just feels like work.

So, mostly, sorry I’ve been so quiet.  But also, I need to post more, even if it’s mundane and lame.  In an effort to make myself feel like I can talk about stuff here, I’m going to spend today doing a bullet-list catch-up of the stuff that’s been happening around these parts lately, because I know I’ll want to talk about them more in the near-future.  I will need blog fodder after all, if I’m going to start posting more again.

  • I’m still working at the portrait studio where I started working in the Christmas season.  I’m on the edge of giving my two weeks’ notice, for a number of reasons.  One of the foremost being:
  • I started my own photography business.  I registered my business name with the county, and have the paperwork filled out to be able to pay sales tax to the state… I really should go put that into the mailbox.  With the business, I’m going to focus on doing both portraits and events for now (mostly weddings) and see which I like better, or maybe I’ll just keep doing both.  Through the magic of Craigslist and a shiny ad I designed in Photoshop, and a portfolio consisting solely of pictures I took of my friend Greg’s wedding like five years ago, I’ve got one wedding firmly booked — contracts are signed and deposits are made.  Another has been verbally contracted, but the bride and groom live in Arizona (but getting married here) so we’re arranging this long-distance — I’ve mailed her a contract and am awaiting its (hopefully) imminent return with a deposit check.  I hope she doesn’t wig out on me, because it promises to be a wedding fertile with potential future jobs — there are 12 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen.  Certainly at least a couple of them are also planning a wedding.
  • My dad is getting married Memorial Day weekend.  We’ll be heading to the B-lo in a week and a half to hang out there and I’ll be taking his wedding pictures.
  • My brother got into the college he wanted to get into, and he’s already put his deposit down to reserve his spot in the fall.  I’m totally wickedly happy for him and proud of him, for being brave enough to go back and do the college thing again.

I think that covers the big stuff.  There’s lots of little stuff — the kids are still cute, Jake is talking in full sentences and Lane has an infected toe… and her hair is mercifully filling in to the point where the pediatrician who examined the infected toe today actually said that despite the obvious look of self-inflicted mullet, her hair actually looked cute — and it wasn’t her being polite, I really think she meant it.

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