Another big thing

One other thing I neglected to catch y’all up on yesterday was my garden.  I built a garden!!  Our new house is on about 2/3 of an acre, and I thought it would be shameful if I let our first full summer pass without growing some of our own food.  I’ve done a bit of veggie gardening in the past… my grandpa’s always had a garden, so when I was younger and would hang out there when my parents were at work, I would help him out.  Then in our old house, which came with a built garden, I successfully grew a lot of tomatoes and a few peppers and cucumbers despite working full-time.  After that I ended up pregnant with Jacob and just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm for it.

Well, now, I have two small children, and we’re still not completely unpacked, and there’s still about a hundred small projects around the house, so I decided to build a vegetable garden.  And, never one to bite off just a bit at a time, I went a little nuts — I dug out what amounts to about 120 square feet of planting area – about the size of  a small bedroom.  Granted in the gardening world this isn’t a huge garden, and I imagine I’ll probably make it a little bigger next summer, but it’s still pretty big.  It’s four separate plots, so that I can plant fairly intensively and do all my gardening without treading on the gardens themselves, which they say is good for the roots of the plants you’re growing.  I dug all the plots myself, weeding and de-rocking everything, with the exception of a couple BIG rocks (we do live in “Rockland” county after all — I learned really quickly how the county got its name) which my brother and/or next door neighbor (who was gifted with all the big rocks I pulled out to add to his rock wall along one side of his property) helped with a bit.

So now it’s all dug, and kind of fenced in – I didn’t do a permanent fence because I want to get through a year or two and see if I want to upsize – or downsize.  Thus right now my perimeter fence to keep the deer out is just tall plastic netting.  And, it’s pretty much all planted.  I have planted tomatoes (four types), peppers (four types), watermelon, carrots, scallions, broccoli, spinach, a variety of herbs, corn, lettuce, pumpkins, sugar snap peas, and sunflowers.  I have also purchased some strawberry plants to fill in one last part that I didn’t plant yet, and those will be going in today.  Perhaps it’s a bit overzealous but the kids are totally digging it and I’m having fun.  If we have a day that’s actually sort of sunny and nice and without an imminent threat of getting my camera wet I will take a few pictures.


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