Less racist, more obnoxious

So, hi.

I have little defense for my lack of posting of late.  I think about doing it sometimes, but I’m succumbing to summer.  Not only that but there’s a lot going on in my life at the moment.  I started the photography business and while I would not describe it as “booming”, I’ve booked three weddings for the summer (one down, two to go) and have a friend lined up for portraits of her kids, and might also shoot portraits for the now-blended family that resulted from the wedding I shot last month.  I looked at my financials and I might actually break even this year (mostly thanks to my stock photography income — if it were the weddings and portraits only I would definitely be coming in at a loss).  Then there’s the consulting work I’m doing for the next couple weeks for my old company.  Also between the kids and I there are four doctor and dentist appointments in the next three weeks, a party for Lane next Saturday for her FIFTH birthday, and the various sundry summer goings-on that happen… like swimming in our neighbor’s lovely inground pool, or going to our town’s lovely pool, or the spray park.

While taking a break from formatting data sheets for the consulting assignment, I came across this article:

Agency investigating alleged discrimination at pool club

The gist of the article is such:  pool club signs a contract with a summer camp to let the camp’s kids come swim at their pool.  Kids come one day, pool changes its mind, and gives money back to summer camp.  The sticky wicket is that the camp is made up of city (read: minority) kids, and thus there are cries of racism on behalf of the pool club (which I presume has a more sunburn-susceptible membership).

But here’s my two cents.  Our town actually has three pools, and the kids and I enjoy them immensely.  But these pools do the same thing:  contract with local summer camps so that the camps can bring the kids to the pools.  And I hate, hate, hate going to the pool on days that the camps are there.  The kids act more out of control than the kids whose parents are around.  They are loud, and raucous, and there’s only so much the counselors and lifeguards will do to rein them in.  It’s never to the point where I feel like safety is an issue, but it’s just annoying as all get-out.  It has occurred to me to complain about it – even as town residents, we have to pay extra each year to join the pools.  These camps are private camps and I’m sure many of the campers aren’t town residents.  And it’s definitely not a matter of race — most of the kids are the same race I am.  I just strongly dislike sharing the pool with this obnoxious bunch of kids and their only slightly-older counselors who I’ve witnessed joining in on the wacky spectacle.

I’m not saying I side with the pool club, especially if some media reports are true about things that were said to people, or overheard.  But maybe the incident isn’t all about race, either.


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